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Agreeing with the wise words of RevRun Wisdom "do what you have to do, so you can do what you want to do". I have gotten in full grind mode and pushed myself to the extreme. Excited about things to come for me and what my future holds I' am thankful and so grateful for the people in my life and the blessings I receive daily. I have tapped into the gifted and talented sides of myself singing, writing, dancing, and being colorful. I am embracing my full self (so to speak) and taking you along with me. So you can get to know me, and love me.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Hello Blog World... ive been MIA, for a little while lol. A person reminded me of that today. So i needed to touch basis with my blog and my fellow bloggers. Finally, after a long year abscence my photoshooting will be resumed, NEXT WEEK. Keep you guys posted about that. Im very excited, to work with a new photographer. I wish my face wasnt the dumping ground for pimples and breakouts tho. So i will be investing in some Proactiv asap...

I think i want to post a vid on my youtube (www.youtube.com/ashleydee) singing this Kelly Rowland song 'each other' i just heard it today via www.concreteloop.com. it has a techno and rihanna feel to it but her voice is amazing as always. I hope her career takes off and she gets alot of promo for her newly released singles.

Guys check me out on twitter: @ashmida, and facebook. Holla:)

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Beat Goes On

Hey Blog Woooooorld.
Officially 11:16, and I'm up trying to calm my brain and ease my mind so I can drift off to sleep. Its not working, lol. So I decided to get some things off the brain. I had a nice productive day and overall weekend. Trying to get a lot more accomplished and done. So I've been working my butt off(my favorite expression).

Still trying to get my car so I've been saving up for that, with the expectation its coming sooner then later. I have been in the studio a lot, and I've also been catching up on some reading, and tuning in to a lot of artists coming out and their music as well. Which brings me to the whole reason for the title of this blog 'The Beat Goes On' its been hard for me to find something to really catch my ears so I've been on the search to find connections, so to speak. Looking up mixtapes and checking out a lot of MUSIC! I just got put on to the livemixtapes.com, website which I really like it has been helping me fill up my iPod that I've had since Christmas, that still doesn't have 1,000 songs on it yet. But, anywhoo the mixtape world is where its at. Many artists who are mainstream have still keep their fingers/roots planted in the mixtape to create that 'street buzz' and to also keep it. One of my favorite artist Papoose, is definitely somebody you all need to check out. He is not only street smart, but he is book smart as well. Educating people with his 'Law Library' (suggestions on the legal procedures and routes to take when you find yourself up against the law) song, and is thug-a-cation, educated thug mentality he shows that its still hot to be smart and street savvy as well. Although he has still not released what was once his heavily anticipated album 'Nacirema Dream' (Nacirema, being American spelled backwards.) Fans still have a strong love for this very talented artist. You all stay tuned for him.

These days good music is hard to find and so you have to continuously be on the "hunt" for GooD music. Myself, I listen to what I can understand lol, something that will not give me a headache, and that after about 10x reply I have the words down. People in my generation often refer to the 'old days' of hip-hop, r&b, and rap, when considering when the era of Good Music was. However, artists today are 'hot' they basically make songs about what is relevant to those in my generation and younger, rappers like Gucci Mane, and Young Jeezy for example are what's hot and considered to be among the best rappers in the game today. Among Lil' Wayne, Drake, T.I., and others. These rappers still get a high buzz, as if they were fresh off the block, where rappers who are into the 'free you mind', 'group think' movement, like Common, Talib Kweli, Nas, and Murs are not given such a worthy repor, and therefore seem to not consistently exist on the rap scene as some other rappers do.

Does that say the quality of music is decreasing? That the minds of those being enteratined by 'what's hot' are not as eager to embrace what's new/different verses those from the 'fight the power' movements? Whichever your mental (vibe, flow) is don't be affraid to listen outside the box, let the new-age era of music beat go on. No one wants garbage to take over the radio. God Bless yall, and I'm out. *Cheez*

Monday, May 24, 2010

New Everything...

Hello People,

Sorry for the long delays, in updates. I have been trying to keep my time managed well enough to maintain an "on the regular" relationship with my blog but it hasn't happened. So on this BEA-utiful Monday, my day off I have made time to talk to everyone and give some updates:) First, and foremost I hope everyone has had a good day so far and enjoyed their weekend. I myself, had a long and lovely weekend. I have finally finished one of my songs "I need a boy" a remake of Trey Songz "I need a girl" its not all the way done but most of the vocals are down and I'm comfortable with it. I don't have that this is PERFECT and finally done feeling yet I'm getting there. So stayed tuned for that. I have been listening to the song repeatedly, finding tweeks here and there, which have made me want to redo the whole thing but practice makes perfect. But, this is my first and my baby, so to speak so I'm anxious to do more and to complete more. Pushing myself to extremes to get things done. Besides that I'm still working my butt off, lol. First semester of school is done and I'm registering for the next trying to be on full grind mode, which is all anyone can do. So I encourage all those I love, and come in contact with to never give up and to keep pushing "do what you have to, to do what you want too." (RevRun Wisdom). This is soo true, but we will get our desired results when we put in the necessary wok. I love you all and I hope everyone has a good day, I'm sending out an electronic hug *Cheez*... Sn: checkout my girl CC aka Christine Curtis @ www.christinecurtismusic.com, she is such a dope Baltimore artist, she is very talented, smart, and gorgeous. Very positive and she is a success. So check her out show her some love and local Bmore support. *Peace*

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Clock Ticks

My 21st came on the 1st, and ever since then all I have been seeing is SNOW!!! I'm sure everyone's read the news headlines and heard the stories that the East Coast has been attacked by the snow lol. But we are still surviving and trying to maintain most of us. I've found myself in the house more then I've ever been in the longest, just catching up on sleep, life, spirituality, and most importantly family. The best things in life that a person learns to cherish. Seeing my babies grow old (nieces and nephews) its such a blessing to still be around and have my good health and the support of my family and my friends. Those who want to see me prosper and grow old like them lol. My one of my BFFs is having a baby can't wait for my little one to get here since I am his God mommy:) I'm soo EXCITED!!! As the clock ticks the wonderful cherished moments a person will hold dear to their heart freezes in each moment and forever in my mind will these memories live on to linger giving me free access to reminisce upon every now and again.

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Sunday, November 22, 2009


Guess I need to start being rude to niggas now, I don't have the time to keep sparing peoples feelings when they don't give a two craps(for lack of better word) mine. I just laugh at how people change, when things change, learn how to find urself&balance ur "busy" schedule w/o loosing the people in your life. Doesn't that make sense.
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1st&Last For Everything!

Sooo... My fingers are itching my mind is racing with lots and lots to say, I was suppose to have my 1st get together w/a friend (few shades lighter then me) and normally a regular routine would be for them to pick you up since they initiated it in the 1st place. But that's not how it went.lol so now I'm just sitting here all dressed up looking good for nothing. Lol I laugh @ the things I get myself into, but hey things happen first&last time for everything right. Idk what's in store for me but I need to stop searching for my future and focus on what's going on right now. Trust in God and know that he will provide all the best for me if I just believe&have faith.
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Friday, November 20, 2009

Keep your fingers crossed!

I almost let this thought slip my mind... I was chatting w/chocolate chip today, and we brought up a few interesting points (like we always do) but I just felt the need to blog about this. Now why is it that we (as females) always have to assure the ex,or family member, or friend especially the ex that we will always be there for them, knowing that at the end of the day they won't give a darn. Chocolates ex jet have a family member that passed and to show her support she's going to the funeral, not only to show that she still cares about him but also because she cared about his family member, but moreso because she still cares about him and she wants to be there for him, but its like if one of her loved ones was to pass would he even give that a thought to say well "ill go and support her, be there for her and show her I still care." Even if he didn't, my answer to that; no, I doubt it. But you never know, we try to be there for people thinking that one day they will get a epiphany and be like dang he or she is still here for me after all this time maybe I need to scoop them up before I miss out on something good. It just erks me that you try to go out your way for people and they don't see it, or still find some way to complain. And I know you say well stop going out your way for them then, its easier said then done, but eventually we do learn and we change, or instead of changing we find someone that's deserving of our time, love, and w/e else it is we have to give. Instead of searching for that someone its better to allow God to bring them to you, when you find the right one you will know, and that lonely heart will go, problems have solutions, and at the end of the day sometimes its good to just let things be and understand that in due time things do change but you have to be willing to change accept that change and move forward w/your life.
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