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Agreeing with the wise words of RevRun Wisdom "do what you have to do, so you can do what you want to do". I have gotten in full grind mode and pushed myself to the extreme. Excited about things to come for me and what my future holds I' am thankful and so grateful for the people in my life and the blessings I receive daily. I have tapped into the gifted and talented sides of myself singing, writing, dancing, and being colorful. I am embracing my full self (so to speak) and taking you along with me. So you can get to know me, and love me.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Going down the Drain...

Celebs (young celebs) continue to go down the drain. I guess people thought it couldn't get any worse after the Chris B. And Rihanna situation (which still to this day is still unclear) but anyhoo pictures NUDE pics of Rihanna and Cassie have surfaced on the net I respect both artists and still do even after this but their images(status's) are going to be hard to build up after this. Its just sad the lengths people will go just to bury a person. I still wish them the best and hope they stay strong. www.concreteloop.com
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