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Agreeing with the wise words of RevRun Wisdom "do what you have to do, so you can do what you want to do". I have gotten in full grind mode and pushed myself to the extreme. Excited about things to come for me and what my future holds I' am thankful and so grateful for the people in my life and the blessings I receive daily. I have tapped into the gifted and talented sides of myself singing, writing, dancing, and being colorful. I am embracing my full self (so to speak) and taking you along with me. So you can get to know me, and love me.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Been awhile

Yes its been awhile since I posted a blog. This one is going to be very short and simple, just giving you guys a little update on what's going on with me. First off I've been sick since like Monday, but I'm getting a lot better I still have a sore throat and a lot of congestion and cough. However, I'm recooperating. I just did a shoot last Wednesday that went well I have some pics ill be posting soon from that :-). Other than that, that's really it tty guys later God bless,
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