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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Do I need a base to apply makeup?

Ive been wondering/researching these past few days. Just trying to see how I can get my make up to look glossy and fresh NOT dry/powdery. I tried putting Vaseline on my eyelids (dumb move lol) concealer of course (couldn't really tell the difference with that). But i don't like the dry look and being that I already have DRY skin Dry looking makeup makes it worse & i hate that. So as the title of this post says "DO I NEED A BASE TO APPLY MY MAKEUP?" Specifically eyeshadow and if so what are some good kinds. Well let me reprhase that Is it good to apply a base before putting on eye shadow let me know Ladies or gents lol.
PieCe ASH!
A pic of my shadow and how it turns out.(V)

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