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Agreeing with the wise words of RevRun Wisdom "do what you have to do, so you can do what you want to do". I have gotten in full grind mode and pushed myself to the extreme. Excited about things to come for me and what my future holds I' am thankful and so grateful for the people in my life and the blessings I receive daily. I have tapped into the gifted and talented sides of myself singing, writing, dancing, and being colorful. I am embracing my full self (so to speak) and taking you along with me. So you can get to know me, and love me.

Monday, May 24, 2010

New Everything...

Hello People,

Sorry for the long delays, in updates. I have been trying to keep my time managed well enough to maintain an "on the regular" relationship with my blog but it hasn't happened. So on this BEA-utiful Monday, my day off I have made time to talk to everyone and give some updates:) First, and foremost I hope everyone has had a good day so far and enjoyed their weekend. I myself, had a long and lovely weekend. I have finally finished one of my songs "I need a boy" a remake of Trey Songz "I need a girl" its not all the way done but most of the vocals are down and I'm comfortable with it. I don't have that this is PERFECT and finally done feeling yet I'm getting there. So stayed tuned for that. I have been listening to the song repeatedly, finding tweeks here and there, which have made me want to redo the whole thing but practice makes perfect. But, this is my first and my baby, so to speak so I'm anxious to do more and to complete more. Pushing myself to extremes to get things done. Besides that I'm still working my butt off, lol. First semester of school is done and I'm registering for the next trying to be on full grind mode, which is all anyone can do. So I encourage all those I love, and come in contact with to never give up and to keep pushing "do what you have to, to do what you want too." (RevRun Wisdom). This is soo true, but we will get our desired results when we put in the necessary wok. I love you all and I hope everyone has a good day, I'm sending out an electronic hug *Cheez*... Sn: checkout my girl CC aka Christine Curtis @ www.christinecurtismusic.com, she is such a dope Baltimore artist, she is very talented, smart, and gorgeous. Very positive and she is a success. So check her out show her some love and local Bmore support. *Peace*

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